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In the cloud

Exder is a cloud service, which means that you can log in and use the service anywhere all day - all you need is access to the internet and a browser.

The benefits of working "in the cloud" are many, among other things, you do not have to worry about operation, back-up or updates. We take care of all that so you can focus on your job, sure sounds good!

Largest in the grocery trade

We have extensive experience in helping our customers shop electronically. With Exder you can shop with all the largest grocery retailers in Sweden - ICA, COOP, Axfood, Martin & Servera, Menigo, and more and support for Systembolaget!


Our customer service is staffed weekdays 8-17 and the day before public holidays 8-13. The easiest way to report a problem is to go to the Help tab in Exder and select "Request help from customer service", then your case will be added directly to our case management system and you will receive a case number. You can also send questions by e-mail to or call 08-446 34 00. Support is provided in Swedish and English. Always state your Exder user ID when contacting Customer Service.



Scheduled standard training via teleconference is included in the user license. This means that you can participate in as many trainings as you need. We recommend that you take a course in the current Exder module to get started quickly.

Contact our customer service on or by phone 08-446 34 00 for booking, cancellation and rebooking of training.

General training in Exder via telephone conference

With a course in the current Exder module, you can easily get started. General courses are available for EPC and EDI. In general training, participants usually come from several different companies. The training is conducted in Swedish and English,  in groups via telephone conference and is our most popular option. Training time is approximately 1 hour per module.



Exder EPC

- Create and send Trade Item Information (AI)


With Exder EPC you can easily create articles and send AI to your customers. Your Trade Item information is checked directly against Validoo's regulations and you will receive a status update when the trade item information has arrived.

Your articles and your sent AI are saved in Exder where you can update your articles and see history.

Trade item information is an important part for suppliers who need to provide accurate and updated information to their customers in order for ordering, delivery and inventory management to work efficiently.

With Exder EDI, you can expand your support for electronic commerce and can then receive EDI orders, send order confirmation, delivery notification and invoice - all this in the cloud and with the ability to integrate to your business system.


Exder EDI
- Electronic business reduces costs for both customer and supplier


Electronic business means that customer and supplier send business information electronically to each other instead of sending, for example, orders and invoices on paper. The customer's and the supplier's systems communicate directly with each other and the recipient automatically reads the information into their system. Manual work is significantly reduced and data quality increases, saving time, money and our environment.


Exder makes the job easier for you as a supplier while meeting your customers' wishes and requirements for electronic business. Exder is used by companies that want to quickly get started with the entire EDI flow with customers in, for example, the grocery industry or the public sector. Some larger companies also use Exder to send electronic price lists, since price lists and discount structures are often customer-unique and expensive to build into their own business system.


In Exder, connected customers' various EDI flows are tested, verified and operational. For buyers who trade according to other standards, for example in other countries, customization of Exder can be offered. Suppliers work in the same way towards all customers, Exder keeps track so that the right messages go to the right customer in the right format.


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