"There is an enormous difference compared to before"


Name: Jannice Jonasson
Job: Economist/project manager.
Best thing about my job: It is unbelievably fun to get to work as a project manager. It is challenging and stressful but stimulating. I really appreciate the idea of following a project through from start to finish.

The Blekinge County Council has decided to switch to electronic invoices. In the long run, the primary results will be reduced costs for processing invoices. The bonus for the suppliers is that invoices are always paid on time.

Previously, handling invoices within the Blekinge County Council was an inefficient and costly process. Many invoices contained unnecessary errors or were missing information. The accounting department spent a lot of time checking invoices, which would lead to payment delays.

However, a new era began in September 2007. It was then that the Blekinge County Council decided to switch to electronic invoicing via the Invoice Portal. Not a day too soon, according to the staff in the accounting department.

"There is an enormous difference compared to before," says Jannice Jonasson, project manager with Blekinge County Council's accounting department. Invoices used to be processed manually. Now we avoid having to record when invoices arrive, which was both time-consuming and monotonous.

The Blekinge County Council selected Expert System's Invoice Portal in a competition with several other invoicing systems. One important reason, apart from the fact that the service was reliable, easy and simple to use, was that Expert Systems could help with managing suppliers. They could also offer a cost-free alternative for suppliers who did not want to redesign their systems to be able to meet the County Council's electronic invoice format.

"Expert Systems offered several different alternatives for electronic invoicing, which was a positive thing when we tried to get our suppliers on board," says Jannice Jonasson.