"It feels good to not depend on updates or maintenance issues"

Name: Jan Ulrich
Occupation: Volume and Forecast Manager The most positive things about my job: That what I do for a living is one of the funniest, most exciting and fulfilling jobs available. I also have an opportunity to benefit from my collegesexperiences, a broad network in Carlsberg Sweden AB by adding my own experiences and knowledge after 23 years of work. We are having a great time working!

Carlsberg has sent its certificates by Exder EPC for five years. They are very satisfied. In addition to the functionality they also appreciate the low monthly cost

- We are very pleased with Exder EPC! It provides support, maintenance and updates. Its clear that Expert Systems takes responsibility for the entire system, "says Jan Ulrich, volume and forecasting manager at Carlsberg. Exder EPC was the first solution, approved by EAN, for creating and sending certificates. Of all the companies sending electronic certificates today, more than 60 % are using the Exder EPC. Carlsberg applied the Exder EPC in 2003. There was a requirement from their customers that the Article Information, by that time called the certificate, should be sent electronically. Earlier, Excel documents were created for each article. The documents were later registrered by the customers.

- For our customers, the use of electronic certificates, is a great time saver. For the suppliers, it means a little extra work, but on the other hand, we get a quality control by using it. There is no risk that we are sending the wrong figures, as Exder EPC verifies all the information in the certificates. Exder EPC is a web-based system, which is recognized by Jan Ulrich. Primarily because it makes the system accessible, regardless of where in the world he would be located. More people can also work with the program at the same time. - The advantage is that we are not depending on updates and maintenance for our own system. It is also good to know that someone else is taking full responsibility. The disadvantage is that at times, the registration is a bit slow, but it may have to do with our network - a common problem when many use the Internet simultaneously. Carlsberg pays a low monthly cost for Exder EPC. Expert Systems has instead opted to charge extra for any support.

- The other systems were unacceptably expensive. But it was not just the price that made us take this decision. An important aspect was that Exder EPC was already fully developed, approved and out on the market. Other companies' systems were not ready-made, which was too uncertain for us. Carlsberg has used Exder EPC for five years now. During the years that weve been using it, the system has totally met the company's high standards.

- The system is easy to use and our cooperation with Expert Systems has been working very well. At occasions, we have had a dialogue with Expert Systems and they have always provided excellent support.