"Now we have increased the connection rate from 10 suppliers a year to 20 a month"


It is not always easy connecting hundreds of suppliers to your e-trading system. Axfood knows that and the company finally sought help from Expert Systems and their ESAM connection method.

" Everything has gone really well! We have common procedures, checklists and are in close consultation with Expert Systems, which has contributed towards very few problems arising during our journey, says Susanne Maal Kärsrud, an EDI coordinator at Axfood.

In order to improve its business process, Axfood has introduced electronic trading as a requirement for all suppliers. They have a total of 750 suppliers to connect. Before they started the connection project, they connected 10 suppliers a year. With the help of Expert Systems, increased resources and a greater focus on EDI, the connection rate increased to 20 suppliers a month for the entire deal flow. Axfood is planning to connect an average of 30 local suppliers a month during the spring.

- We are expecting the majority of Axfood's suppliers to be connected to EDI and many will be changed over to the ESAP20 standard at the end of 2009, says Jakob Sefors, an EDI coordinator at Axfood.

Axfood is experiencing many benefits from electronic trading. Administration is reducing and they have far greater control over prices and ranges.

" On our part, we are very satisfied. It is incredible how much time you can save when you get everything right from the start!, says Susanne Maal Kärsrud.