Beirut Café supplies ICA To Go


Name: Suzy Karroum
Company: Beirut Café

Beirut Café supplies pre-prepared meze platters directly to ICA To Go. The order arrives at one o"clock in the afternoon, with delivery to be made at six thirty the next morning. That means there is no time for paperwork. All logistics are managed in Exder.

Beirut Cafe is a family business that started a little over ten years ago. It is best known for its renowned and popular Lebanese restaurant close to the Humlegården Park in central Stockholm. It is where everyone goes who like well-prepared Lebanese food in a beautifully decorated environment.

In recent years, Beirut Café has also chosen to invest in a delicatessen in Stockholm"s historic Östermalmshallen market hall and pre-prepared meze dishes, which it sells through ICA, Hemköp and Coop. It has also published a book and developed its own wine, which it sells at the restaurant. A couple of times a year, Beirut Café also publishes a magazine and it has released three CDs with relaxing chill-out music. Is there anything else in the pipeline? Well, in fact there is. Beirut Café also delivers pre-prepared meze platters to ICA To Go.
"One thing leads to another," laughs Suzy Karroum, who receives orders from grocers and is also responsible for the counter in the Östermalmshallen market hall.
"We supply two types of platters with different small dishes to ICA To Go," she explains.

But before customers can enjoy their meze platters quite a lot of logistics has taken place. There is a lot to be planned. How many servings will be needed? How many were sold yesterday? Because servings that are sold fresh within a day of preparation are involved, no stocks can be built up. What is delivered must be sold. And what about the weather? Is it raining? Or is the sun out " making it possible to sit on a park bench under a tree to eat your take-away lunch platter?
"Actually, for us it"s quite simple," says Suzy. "We receive an order by one o"clock in the afternoon and make our delivery at six thirty the next morning. It"s harder for the shops. They have to determine how many platters will be needed on particular day. We just have to make the food.

A prerequisite for production is Exder and a new flow with extra-short lead times, "convenience". Suzy had never worked in Exder before, but so far she has not encountered any problems.
"I find working in Exder very practical. It was easy to learn. I also find it gives me a good overview of the orders. That makes planning easy. And there"s a lot less paperwork to do.

At the outset there could be a few misunderstandings. The shops placed their orders too late, which meant they didn"t get their deliveries until the day after.
"Now everything works very well. Both parties know what is needed for it all to work out. I just check at one o"clock what the shops have ordered " then we get down to work in the kitchen!"

What does the future hold for Beirut Café?
"We plan to open a new shop at Stockholm"s central station " Beirut Café Express. We will be selling pre-prepared meal boxes there. Pre-prepared meals are the name of the game at the moment."