Yniq"s office in the cloud


Yniq is unlike other companies. The Managing Director prefers to be out on the slopes rather than sitting in an office from nine to five. And the designer is an extreme skier who lives a life of luxury in Monaco. How do they make it work? The solution is Exder Business " a business system in the cloud.

Discerning skiers agree. Yniq designs some of the world"s coolest ski goggles. The men behind Yniq are Jon Olsson and Mikael Kenson. Jon Olsson lives in Monaco and is one of the world"s foremost extreme skiers. Both Jon and Mikael are involved in the designing of the ski goggles. But while Jon is living a life of luxury in Monaco, Mikael is busy as the General Manager of the company. Personally, Mikael does not consider himself particularly extreme.
"Not at all " I"m more of a dedicated downhill skier. But few people have done as much skiing as me. I"ve spent 30 days each year skiing for the past 30 years."

Yniq is a start-up company that tries to think outside the box.
"The core of our business consists of unique, well-designed ski goggles. We don"t copy other brands. That would be too easy. We create our own niche at the premium end and prefer to be inspired by other products, such as sunglasses and watches."
The company"s best-selling ski goggles are the Black Gold model " which are, as the name implies, black with gold details.
"Customers also appreciate our sunglasses with red or blue lenses. They are all the rage right now," says Mikael with a smile.

For a company that is happy to spend the winter season " and sometimes the whole year " in the mountains, having a flexible and "portable" system is important.
"We needed a business system that could manage itself. I didn"t want to have to think about backup, maintenance and operation. I wanted a solution where everything just worked. We don"t have a server hall " just our laptops."

Only a few of Yniq"s customers trade from Sweden. Consequently, Yniq works with price lists and invoices in several languages.
"This imposes certain demand on the system," says Mikael, who also requires access to the supplier register. Yniq has been using Exder ever since the company started trading.
"Although I was a bit naïve when I began using Exder," Mikael admits. "I got started without attending any courses. That led to quite a few logical challenges. But perhaps that"s a reflection of my nature. I progress through trial and error " how difficult can it really be?"
In his view it was not difficult. Initially he only took care of the book-keeping using Exder, but now he also uses the ordering, stock-keeping and invoicing modules.
"So far no major issues have arisen," he says.

With regard to the business system, the plan for the future is to link it up to Yniq"s webshop.
"We haven"t had the time to do it yet " but that"s our plan."
He wants to take Yniq from being a start-up enterprise to being a real company. A real player.
"That means we are now transitioning from a product development phase to one involving more financial management." "
The objective is to grow really big in Europe. And in the world!