Kontorab invests in e-business


Name: Bruno Carinci
Occation: Managing Director of Kontorab
Company: Kontorab

Kontorab delivers office materials to customers with differing demands regarding electronic trading. The solution is Exder EDI " a module that can easily be adapted to different customers" requirements.

"We have been trading electronically since 2004," says Bruno Carinci, Managing Director and founder of Kontorab. "Previously, handling invoices was an expensive operation for Kontorab. Production costs in particular were high and these are now avoided when invoices are sent electronically.
"By avoiding manual handling, we save considerable time," Bruno Carinci explains. Kontorab is a family-owned company that offers everything from office materials and furniture to a complete range of new office machines. Bruno Carinci founded Kontorab in 1987 and has since opened 21 office superstores in 14 different locations in Sweden.

The company trades both with private companies and the public sector " customers include the City of Solna, Danske Bank and the Municipality of Eskilstuna. Customers often have completely different requirements regarding business flows " and consequently different EDI requirements.
"The advantage with Exder is that it is easy to adapt customers" business processes," Bruno explains.

For example, Danske Bank stipulated e-trading in its procurement process for office materials. They had completely unique business processes, but that was no problem " Expert Systems adapted Exder to their requirements. Exder also allows us to meet the requirements set by public sector customers, both those that manage the entire flow and those that only want electronic invoices.

For Kontorab"s finance department, the operations performed are approximately the same, regardless of the customer involved. Exder EDI keeps track of what format each customer wants in its business flows. That means Kontorab does not need to integrate new structures into its existing business systems.
"Nor do we have to keep track of our customers" updates to new versions. This is all taken care of by Expert Systems, who also assume responsibility for operation, back-up copies and systems maintenance.
To be able to manage all transactions in a single system, Kontorab is now investing wholeheartedly in e-business in its operations.
"The objective is to grow!"

Kontorab has worked together with Expert Systems for many years. According to Bruno Carinci the choice fell on Expert Systems thanks to its extensive experience.
"We wanted to work together with a knowledgeable and experienced supplier that could offer tried and tested e-trade solutions," Bruno says.
"Exder EDI is an efficient and user-friendly module." Making changes and additions in Exder is easy.