Electronic business

Electronic business decreases costs for customers as well as suppliers

Electronic business means that customer and supplier send business information electronically, rather than sending e.g. orders and invoices on paper. The customer"s and the supplier"s systems communicate directly, and the receiver automatically adds the information to the system. Manual labour decreases drastically and the quality of data increases, which saves time, money and our environment.

Exder makes the work easier for you as a supplier, while simultaneously fulfilling your customers" demands on electronic business. Exder is used by companies who quickly want to start up the EDI flow to customers within e.g. the everyday commodities trade or the public sector. Some larger companies also use Exder for sending electronic price lists, as price lists and discount structures are often customer specific and expensive to build into your own business system.

In Exder, connected customers" various EDI flows are tested, verified and operated. For buyers who shop according to a different standard, e.g. in other countries, adaptation of Exder is available. Suppliers work in the same way with all customers, Exder keeps track of the right message going out to the right customer in the right format.