Business system

Exder is suitable for corporations who want a fully integrated business system with support for e-trade, electronic invoicing, as well as economy and accountancy functions. With an "all-in-one solution" you evade double-work and day-to-day operations are simplified with all data in one system. Exder is a web-based business system developed to suit small and average-sized companies who want to integrate their electronic business in the business system. Exder also supports paper-based trade for those customers and suppliers who do not yet have the electronic systems up and running. All information is gathered in lists, statistics, book-keeping and customer and supplier ledgers. It is also easier for users to always work in the same system.

With the module Exder Business you have access to all data in one system, which means you do not have to work with orders and invoices in two parallel systems. For example, all invoices created in the EDI flow can easily and automatically be account-coded based on articles, and then added to the books once the invoice is sent.

Exder keeps track of which customers want EDI invoices, invoice through e-mail with attached PDF, or printed paper invoices.

Preparations, invoicing and book-keeping is carried out in the same system. Exder Business also contains purchasing with many possibilities. Supplier invoices can retrieve account-coding from articles and entered into the books in the same way as with the customer invoices.

Exder supports stock handling. Stock availability is updated on delivery and shipping of articles.

Exder Business can receive electronic supply invoices. You will no longer have to manually input the invoices into the system. You will instead receive an email when a new supply invoice is in the system. Then you can check the invoice, account-code and do the payment as usual.

Exder is the simplest way to streamline routines for EDI trade with your bigger customers directly linked to the business accountancy and other sales. Account charts, report templates and examples means it"s easy to start using Exder Business. It is also easy to successively add more functions to Exder.

Exder is completely web-based. All you need is a PC and access to the internet. We take responsibility for operation, back-up and updates.