Article information

Correct information about the articles is imperative

For the flow of business to function efficiently, it is important that customer and supplier have the same correct information about the articles. GS1 Sweden has developed a standardisation of the flow of article information.

With Exder EPC you can register and send electronic article information to anyone connected to GS1 Validoo.

Exder EPC fulfils the demands on article information set up by GS1 together with companies such as ICA, Coop, Axfood and Apoteket. In Exder EPC you can easily update information about articles, such as article number, content, physical and logistical measurements, packaging levels and durability.

Exder EPC performs probability checks and ensures that all required fields are filled in. You then have the opportunity to approve the article information before sending the electronic message to your customers. The article information will be shown as a PDF form and can be printed on paper.

Exder EPC is a market-leading system for electronic article information. Suppliers work in the same way with all customers. Exder organises and ensures that the right information goes to the right customer.

Contact GS1 if you want to send Article Information, via GDSN, to customers outside of Sweden.

Exder is completely web-based. All you need is a PC and access to the internet. We take responsibility for operation, back-up and updates.

Attachment of Grocery Specification available

Exder supports Article Information and Attachment of Grocery Specification. This attachment helps restaurants and industrial kitchens plan meals and healthy menus. In the grocery market customers will get more detailed information on groceries. One example of this is ICA"s project on store shelf labels with information about the different products.

Exder EPC Fill In

An extra service provided to Exder EPC customers who want help with the registration of their article information.